Sport First Aid Kit (#911)

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Sport First Aid Kit

The Sport First Aid Kit has a customer satisfaction Money Back Guaranty. Professionally designed for multiple sports and activities, it has unique Ready-To-Use Wound Care Kits with Blood removal for skin and uniforms, Icing, Antimicrobial Skin Wipes, Tape, Wraps and more. Your soft padded, shoulder-strapped kit, with heavy-duty zippers and ID tag, is easy-to-use and resupply. This gives the peace of mind of having a LIFETIME SPORT FIRST AID SYSTEM just like professional athletes use!

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Also includes 3 Grab & Go Sport Wound Care Kits

When an injury occurs, stop the panic looking for needed first aid supplies. Simply use the Fyrst USA Pre-Packed Sport Wound Care Kit for quick, easy, and very adequate response to wound care.

When a cut, scrape or abrasion requires more than a bandage, the Pre-Packed Sport Wound Care Kit is a first aid supply your first aid kit or sport medical kit needs, but probably does not have.

Each Sport Wound Care Kit is in an easy-open clear plastic bag, along with a Wound Care Instruction Card and the emergency first aid supplies needed to:

  • Protect the Wound Care Provider ( Gloves Latex-Free, Antimicrobial Skin Wipes, Infectious Waste Bag)
  • Stop the Bleeding ( Gauze Pads, Self Adhering Wrap)
  • Relieve Pain and Guard Against Infection (Triple Anitibiotic Ointment,
  • Antimicrobial Skin Wipes kill MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and meet CDC Handwashing Requirement for Flu Viruses

Important- Get professional medical help for all wounds and sports injuries as soon as possible!

Grab & Go Sport Wound Care Kit Contents List

  • 1 Wound Care Instruction Card ( # 625 IC)
  • 2 Gloves Latex-Free
  • 2 Gauze Pads
  • 1 Non-Adherent Pad
  • 1 Triple Antibiotic Ointment
  • 1 Self Adhering Wrap
  • 2 Antimicrobial Skin Wipes
  • 1 Infectious Waste Bag



"My name is Dr. Richard Briles and I want to compliment you on your Sports First Aid Kit. I love it. As an emergency physician by specialty and a youth athletic coach on nights and weekends, I'm qualified to critique your product and I think it's fabulous. Definitely the best one I've ever used."
Richard Briles, MD
Scripps Hospital,
San Diego,CA

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Key Features:

  • Refill Packs - Buy a refillable system vs. new kit each year
  • MRSA Protection - Wipes kill MRSA and Handwashing Ok
  • Grab & Go Wound Care Packs - Don't search; Respond!
  • Uniform Blood Removal Fluid for quick return
  • Two Forms of Icing - reduce inflammation for rapid return & More
  • Helps you to always be ready!

    Contents Include:

    Size: 12" x 9" x 8" - Weight 7 lbs.

  • (26) Antimicrobial Skin Wipes
  • (2) Athletic Tape 1.5" x 15yd. rolls
  • (20) Bandages 1" x 3"
  • (6) Bandages, Large 2" x 4.5"
  • (1) Blister Kit w/ 2nd Skin and Pressure Pads
  • (1) Blot Blood-Off-Cloth 4.oz bottle w/blot cloth
  • (1) Cold Pack Holder w/ hook and loop 6" x 30"
  • (4) Cold Packs-Instant 6" x 8.75"
  • (1) Elastic Wrap 3" x 5yd. roll
  • (1) Eye/ Wound Wash 4.oz bottle
  • (10)Gloves- Latex Free
  • (1) Ice Bag Re-useable 9"
  • (1) Pre-Wrap 2.75" x 30yd roll
  • (1) Scissors - Lister Bandage/Blunt tip 4.5"
  • (3) Sport Wound Care Kits-each includes:
  • (Gloves-latex free, gauze pads, non-adherent pad, triple antibiotic ointment, self adhering wrap, antimicrobial skin wipe and infectious waste bag.)
  • Special Price: $163.20 includes Free Shipping


    Why Fyrst USA vs Top 2 Brands?


    YES - Refill Packs *

    YES - Grab & Go Wound Care Packs

    YES - MRSA & Flu Skin Wipes (all kits)

    YES - Blood Remover for Uniforms

    YES - Cold Pack Holder w/velcro for proper icing

    YES - I.D. Tags for personal & emergency information

    * a Lifetime First Aid System!

    Top 2 Brands:

    NO - Refill Packs

    NO - Wound Care Packs

    NO - MRSA & Flu Skin Wipes (all kits)

    NO - Blood Remover for Uniforms

    NO - Cold Pack Holder w/velcro for proper icing

    NO - I.D. Tags for personal & emergency information




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