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Sport Medical Kit (#911)

sports first aid kit

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The Sport Medical Kit has a customer satisfaction Money Back Guaranty. Professionally designed for multiple sports and activities, it has unique Ready-To-Use Wound Care Kits with Blood removal for skin and uniforms, Icing, Antimicrobial Skin Wipes, Tape, Wraps and more. Your soft padded, shoulder-strapped kit, with heavy-duty zippers and ID tag, is easy-to-use and resupply. This gives the peace of mind of having a LIFETIME SPORT FIRST AID SYSTEM just like professional athletes use! Free Shipping!

Reg. Price $168.00

Price: $143.00


Size: 12" x 9" x 8"

Weight 7 lbs.

(26) Antimicrobial Skin Wipes

(2) Athletic Tape 1.5" x 15yd. rolls

(20) Bandages 1" x 3"

(6) Bandages, Large 2" x 4.5"

(1) Blister Kit w/ 2nd Skin and Pressure Pads

(1) Blot Blood-Off-Cloth 4.oz bottle w/blot cloth

(1) Cold Pack Holder w/ hook and loop 6" x 30"

(4) Cold Packs-Instant 6" x 8.75"

(1) Elastic Wrap 3" x 5yd. roll

(1) Eye/ Wound Wash 4.oz bottle

(10)Gloves- Latex Free

(1) Ice Bag Re-useable 9"

(1) Pre-Wrap 2.75" x 30yd roll

(1) Scissors - Lister Bandage/Blunt tip 4.5"

(3) Sport Wound Care Kits-each includes:

(Gloves-latex free, gauze pads, non-adherent pad, triple antibiotic ointment, self adhering wrap, antimicrobial skin wipe and infectious waste bag.)